Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Cloche

Amy Butler fabric, but can't remember which collection.
My friend Nancy sent me a blog that had a pretty cloche hat with a link to the free pdf pattern (on another blog, written in German) which I duly saved and made today.  Voila!  So, why is it posing as a lampshade instead of a hat?  Because it's too big for my head.  I asked Sabryin (the King of big heads) to try it on and he pronounced it "Too Big," as well.  You ask "Why didn't you try it on before you finished it?"  and I reply "The story of my life."  Now, I'm not going to remake it because I can easily wear it with the brim turned up on my forehead (the only problem with this solution is that you get to see more of my face).  I will, however, alter the pattern pieces so they aren't so generous.  I think my problem from the get-go was sewing 3/8" seams instead of 1/2". 

Happy Easter!

P.S.  That quilt on the wall behind the hat was made on the day of the big California earthquake back in '94. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Key West Quilt

This is where I am with the formerly-known-as-Beach-Grass quilt, currently renamed the Key West Quilt.  In reality, I was going to copy the FKABGQ but realized that the instructions called for creating some blocks with on-the-bias sides and that didn't make any sense to me.  So I designed an entirely different process and, therefore, I can call it whatever I like.  Key West is what I like.

I find creating these blocks is addictive.  I've used only 1/10th of the fabrics I've chosen so far, but I am very pleased. 

If I think of it tomorrow, I will take photos of some of the thread-saver blocks I am finishing while making the Key West top.

We are currently riding out Day Two of spring severe storms featuring lots of rain, some hail, flooding, tornado watches.  Hope you are safe and dry!  xxoo