Sunday, July 13, 2014

Key West

A less-than-optimal photo but at least it's not raining and there aren't any blinding sunspots and shadows on it.  This is the kind of quilt traditionalists will find problematic; modern quilters will have less trouble with it.  Fabric choices were made based on color and print; I purposely avoided prints with pink and orange in them because I wanted to focus on the colors of the ocean/gulf and the sand/flora of the beach.  I had a blast making this and freely admit that it was inspired by a quilt I saw ("Sea Grass" or something like that) in a magazine (probably American Patchwork).  The instructions for that quilt were all wrong; you wound up with all the blocks being on the bias.  There's no way it would sew together or lay flat once sewn.  So I redesigned it and this is perfectly easy to sew and will be easy to quilt as well. 

Can't wait to show it off when it's finally quilted!  xoxo Patty