Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sew Sew Summer

One of the things that was blocking my sewing progress this spring/summer was the enormity of the quilting required for the nine-patch.  You know, when I was basting the sandwich, I ran out of pins it is so big.  Well, I just have that one little table and the brave, heroic Pfaff -- no fancy, schmancy long-arm or recessed Koala furniture like so many stay-at-home crafters have.  My plan for it was just cross-hatch quilting -- no fancy, schmancy feathers everywhere.  My friend Nancy LOVES feathers, but I have become a little annoyed by the elaborate quilting done by long-armers.  Seriously, to have a top quilted professionally anymore, you pay $200 or more.  How much is that per feather?  So, this was the daunting scene Thursday:

At this point, I had just started and had three hatches done.  Half of that mound on the left was on the floor and I just could not imagine how I would get all of that into that tiny space to the right of the needle!

But I did and I finished it this morning.  Still have to do the cross hatching, but now that I have no fear it should be a breeze.  While I was working away diligently on this, I realized that one of my inspirations is Shane, who blogs on Recycled Quilt.  He is one prolific quilter.  I really have never seen anything like it -- he starts one and before you can say "Take a break, dude," it's done -- quilted and everything!  And even more admirably he does it without a lot of fancy, schmancy equipment and very little space.  Thank you, Shane!

xxoo Patty