Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sew Sew Summer

One of the things that was blocking my sewing progress this spring/summer was the enormity of the quilting required for the nine-patch.  You know, when I was basting the sandwich, I ran out of pins it is so big.  Well, I just have that one little table and the brave, heroic Pfaff -- no fancy, schmancy long-arm or recessed Koala furniture like so many stay-at-home crafters have.  My plan for it was just cross-hatch quilting -- no fancy, schmancy feathers everywhere.  My friend Nancy LOVES feathers, but I have become a little annoyed by the elaborate quilting done by long-armers.  Seriously, to have a top quilted professionally anymore, you pay $200 or more.  How much is that per feather?  So, this was the daunting scene Thursday:

At this point, I had just started and had three hatches done.  Half of that mound on the left was on the floor and I just could not imagine how I would get all of that into that tiny space to the right of the needle!

But I did and I finished it this morning.  Still have to do the cross hatching, but now that I have no fear it should be a breeze.  While I was working away diligently on this, I realized that one of my inspirations is Shane, who blogs on Recycled Quilt.  He is one prolific quilter.  I really have never seen anything like it -- he starts one and before you can say "Take a break, dude," it's done -- quilted and everything!  And even more admirably he does it without a lot of fancy, schmancy equipment and very little space.  Thank you, Shane!

xxoo Patty


  1. You know my love of the four and the nine patch, especially on point, and separated by a strip of other fabric to show off the quilting -yes, even my beloved feathers. Anyway, re your space issue - I got the new Nancy's Notions catalog the other day and there is a table called Add-a-Table which measures 29-15/16 x 36-15/16 x 29 high open - but adjusts to three heights - 29, 34 and 39. When closed, it measures just 4 inches deep, easy to slide out of the way. It is not inexpensive at $129 but with all things in Nancy's, if you add something to take you over $150, you can spread the payments over three months. That is how I got my Big Board on its own legs as well as the Tilt'able to put my machine on a slant since my table it too high to see the bed easily. I could have the legs cut down but it's Queen Anne cherry and to me, cutting it would be a crime. You do beautiful work. Want to quilt a quasi-Amish Jewel Box? It's from a Lucky Block round robin.

  2. Hooray, you added the widget. Now add it to Bhu's blog too. Maximum exposure, right? The fade element is nice. I think when I got it, there was only one choice of template, and "slide show", the only option for breezing through what was in my Etsy shop. I learned about it from another Etsy seller - Virginia's Vignettes.

  3. P.S. Obviously, whomever sets up the devices to prove one is not a robot, is not visually impaired. I wish him or her years of coke-bottle lenses for what these teenie letters and numbers are doing to my eyes - not to speak of the deep creases between my brows from squinting.