Monday, February 24, 2014

No Kill Shelter Quilt

I finished it yesterday, but I'm about to go off and have surgery so I'm afraid it won't be in the auction tomorrow.  Completion was delayed because I developed skin splits in my fingers -- something that happens often in the winter time, which I blame on antibacterial soaps and detergents -- and I had to wait for the splits to heal (cocoa butter and bandaids).  The quilting was all that had to be done and I tried free-hand (not freemotion) and loved it.  This is 44 x 44 and is cotton 1800s repro fabrics with warm & natural batting.  The gold block is in honor of Ginger Jasper, who crossed the Bridge last year, and the brown and carmel calico on the lower left is in honor of Sweet Praline, who left two years ago.
Detail of the free-hand quilting, which I think is fairly expressive.

Photo of the back-lit backing.  Kitty ghosts! 

What would you bid?

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Spay-ghetti Auction Quilt

 Making progress with the calico kitty quilt for the Spay-ghetti Dinner auction.  All the blocks are done and now I have to create a setting and decide on borders and backing to complete the top.  If I work on this diligently through the rest of the week, I could probably finish it by the weekend. 

1800's reproduction fabrics, for the most part. 

I can never toss the little triangles that are left over from any of my projects, so I made half-square triangles and added a square to create a flying geese mini-block.  These are so cute!  I will sew them together, put on a border and make a doll quilt from these.  Doing this also helped me to come up with the final arrangement of colors.  A lot easier than schlepping big blocks around on the floor!

Having fun!  I'll be adding a few patterns to the etsy shop this week, too.  xxxoo

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ice, Ice Baby!

It's beautiful if you don't have to go anywhere on foot or en vehicle. The birds are quite confused.  Good day to stay inside, sew on charity blocks and search for saddle-yoked blouse patterns for your friend Nancy!  I was able to find five, but two are actually "faux" saddle-yoked.  I am posting the photos here for Nancy's convenience so she can see what I have, if she's interested.  Hope everyone else enjoys this little pattern fashion show.
This is a faux saddle yoke.I made so many versions of this to wear with skirt suits; it was a real favorite!

Bodice and back pleats!

Favorite camp shirt fits like a dream.

This is a faux saddle yoke -- particularly original.  In the right print, the collar is not as obtrusive as in the photo.

So this is what I have.  Most are from the 70's; the Valentino might be earlier, but not sure.  I am not willing to part with the Willi Smith or Valentino patterns, but they are already cut so we can work something out in private. 

Okay, so back to the Calico Kitty quilt blocks.  Only four to go!!  Stay warm and safe everyone!  xxoo