Sunday, February 2, 2014

Spay-ghetti Auction Quilt

 Making progress with the calico kitty quilt for the Spay-ghetti Dinner auction.  All the blocks are done and now I have to create a setting and decide on borders and backing to complete the top.  If I work on this diligently through the rest of the week, I could probably finish it by the weekend. 

1800's reproduction fabrics, for the most part. 

I can never toss the little triangles that are left over from any of my projects, so I made half-square triangles and added a square to create a flying geese mini-block.  These are so cute!  I will sew them together, put on a border and make a doll quilt from these.  Doing this also helped me to come up with the final arrangement of colors.  A lot easier than schlepping big blocks around on the floor!

Having fun!  I'll be adding a few patterns to the etsy shop this week, too.  xxxoo

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  1. Oh, if I had known this was the block you were using, I could have sent you about a half dozen finished blocks. I still have the ones I started for Beth way back when. So cute, and I love the little one too., Please let me know before you offer it for sale,.