Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ice, Ice Baby!

It's beautiful if you don't have to go anywhere on foot or en vehicle. The birds are quite confused.  Good day to stay inside, sew on charity blocks and search for saddle-yoked blouse patterns for your friend Nancy!  I was able to find five, but two are actually "faux" saddle-yoked.  I am posting the photos here for Nancy's convenience so she can see what I have, if she's interested.  Hope everyone else enjoys this little pattern fashion show.
This is a faux saddle yoke.I made so many versions of this to wear with skirt suits; it was a real favorite!

Bodice and back pleats!

Favorite camp shirt fits like a dream.

This is a faux saddle yoke -- particularly original.  In the right print, the collar is not as obtrusive as in the photo.

So this is what I have.  Most are from the 70's; the Valentino might be earlier, but not sure.  I am not willing to part with the Willi Smith or Valentino patterns, but they are already cut so we can work something out in private. 

Okay, so back to the Calico Kitty quilt blocks.  Only four to go!!  Stay warm and safe everyone!  xxoo


  1. Thank you for the fashion show, my friend. While the first one seems to have the yoke I want, it does not extend into a yoke across the back of the blouse. That said, knowing me as well as you do, which one do you think is "me"? Thanks. Will email you about the one I want.