Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Brown Bow-Tie Baby Quilt

 Another UFO bites the dust!  As is the case with most of my UFOs, I wound up making additional blocks to round out the size, which turned out to be a neat 37" x 37".  When I started, I had 14 of the 4" bow-tie blocks.  The original blocks were made sometime during the 90's, I'm sure with the background fabric being tone-on-tone muslin. 
 I have a LOT of brown prints dating back to the 70's and some were traded pieces.  The alternating blocks is a cotton print purchased in the 80's.  Ditto for the accent frame and binding.  I used to do all my bindings by hand, but I have been practicing doing it by machine and I seem to have developed a knack for that! 
As for the quilting, keep it elliptical, baby!  Just freehand melon slices on the grid.  The backing is a tan cotton tone-on-tone that is very subtle and soft. 

This is a great size for a baby quilt, table topper, or wall hanging.  I'm thinking about putting it in the etsy shop. 

For the record, today is the hottest day of the year here with  97% humidity.  Not exactly quilt weather.