Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Just like me!

It was hard, but I had to choose only a few!
 Today was the staff council arts & crafts showcase and, as usual, I dawdled all year and chose not to create a professional looking display.  I only enter because they have the BEST brownies (with chocolate chips in them)!  No, that's a lie.  I could easily create a professional display, one that would knock your socks off -- Quilt Market quality!  I just don't want to get sucked into that whole schtick.   So, what's on the table, you ask?  The first layer is that wonderful pinwheel quilt that I used last year for my display and on top of it I put the rug I made while "learning" how to weave.  On top of which there are a few recent mini quilts and the 3-D applique basket.  Most people stopped to look at the 3-D applique, which I admit is pretty cool.  I can hardly believe I did it! 

So here is a collage of the event, which was really inspiring and energizing.  We have many talented, skillful artists among us.  The first photo is of one-half of the room as the chair of the council makes her speech.  The dude in the middle right behind the period costume is the chancellor, who appears to be tweeting.  We got him from Texas and I guess that's what they do there.  Anyhoo, that's my stuff in the foreground -- a much better view of the 3-D applique piece.  There were so many participants this year that I had to share a table with another artist and you can see him there.  He was kinda grumpy. 

On the bottom row is a photo of a felted tableau that I am just in love with!  The piece wasn't more than 13 x 13 and if you can bigify the photo and check out those tiny little ducks on the pond!!  So KEWT!  The second photo is actually just a piece of a full-length coat vest . . . one piece among many that was full of color and verve!  And the final photo is a headdress that I must have.  I will go back tomorrow to inspect it more carefully.  There were many more pieces just as fascinating, but I liked this the best.

Preparation for this took one-half hour, which included the time it took for me to brush my teeth and hair, and I did not fret over any of it.  The only problem I had was not being able to find my third Amy Butler melon quilt.  Each quilt is made with the cut-outs of a melon-shaped applique used in the previous quilt.  I found the first two, but don't know what happened to the third!  The fourth one is a UFO and maybe I will finish that this year and display it at next year's showcase.  If I can find #3! 

Toodles and have a happy day!  xoxo

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Remember Me

Back in the mid-1800's a lot of people were moving west beyond the Mississippi and one of the traditional going-away gifts was a quilt made of album blocks.  People would make blocks with a center piece that could be signed and often words of encouragement were included.

I have a friend who is leaving this beyond-the-Mississippi place to return to Virginia and so I made this "remember me" mini-quilt.  I hope she likes it.