Sunday, March 1, 2015

Snowy day = another quilt

Scrappy Log Cabin

Close-up for fabrophiles.
Another snowy day and there are two things that go very well with snow:  baking and quilting.  I did the baking yesterday (chocolate chip cookies and chorizo & jalapeno strata).  Today as I was watching Don Matteo I poked around in the UFO pile and found a bag of 16 Log Cabin blocks.  I must have put these together over ten years ago because it is obvious they were sewed using the Singer 99K (which I haven't used in over ten years).  These are what I call "thread-saver" blocks.

Next step is to decide what color to make the border.  I thought about using a strip of blue, then brown, then green and finally red, but perhaps that's too much.  So, if you have an opinion about it, please leave a comment.

And, stay warm!  xoxo