Monday, January 16, 2017

I Ching Quilt Day Two #51

Hexagram #51:  Kan -- Shake (or Shock)
The lasting impact of a major shock can be stimulating or debilitating, depending on your inner strength of character.  The critical factor is your ability to become immune to fear, thereby enabling you to transform anxiety into laser-sharp perception.  Or so it has been interpreted.

What will I do if the coin toss brings duplicate of hexagrams already revealed?  That's the point of random; I will be duplicating them. 

See you tomorrow!  xoxo

Sunday, January 15, 2017

I Ching Quilt

An interesting selection of Kaffe Fasset fabrics.
 Right after the election, I decided to make a healing quilt using some of the most upbeat, cheerful fabrics I could find:  Kaffe Fassett.  Then in early December my 19 year old Himalayan kitty crossed the rainbow bridge and the sadness was very, very deep.  Then a few weeks later I had eye surgery and am now dealing with a temporary vision impairment that makes it difficult to sew.  What a perfect time to consult the I Ching!  I decided to make a quilt from the hexagrams and started this morning with a coin toss. 
I Ching book from 1963, another year of political turmoil and the assassination of J. F. Kennedy. 
This book, purchased new in 1963, cost $2.95 (can you believe it?)!  I am using three parking tokens instead of coins for the toss.   So here we go:

#54:  Kwei Mei, Converting the Maiden . . . Action will be evil and in no wise advantageous"
Resulting block
To make this block, I cut 2" strips of the dark fabric and 1-1/2" strips of the lighter fabric.  The broken lines are made with two 5" strips sewed together with a 1-1/2 separator.  The blocks are 10-1/2" wide and 14-1/4" long.

Tomorrow we shall see what the token toss brings!