Sunday, October 26, 2014


My pfabulous Pfaff quilting Key West!
The Key West quilt has been pinned up for months now but I never could figure out how I would quilt such a large top!  The worst problem is always keeping the top UP at the edge of the machine.  I just don't have a table big enough and, needless to say, I don't have a bazillion dollar Koala sewing furniture set-up.   It finally occurred to me yesterday that I could try to use my little fold-up plastic table as an addendum to my regular sewing table (which is really just a vintage formica top on aluminum legs 1950's kitchen table).  It worked like a charm!  I was able to finish quilting in just a couple of hours. 

I used variegated thread and quilted in wavy lines (mirroring reality in which no waves are the same, but they all do the same job).  It's fantastic (or at least I love it)!  And I love even better the new quilting set-up! 

I used eight bobbins during this quilting and it reminded me that I really would like to get a machine that has a top loader with a transparent cover so I can see when I'm running out.  And I'd like one that has at least a ten inch throat opening so I can stuff a lotta quilt in there without it getting caught.  I love my Pfaff, but it's pretty much a sissy.

It will have a turn-over binding, so I will have this quilt in use (or available for gifting) tomorrow.  Right now I'm going to go make pizza for dinner.  Hope you are all having a great Sunday!  xoxo