Saturday, August 1, 2015


3-1/2 x 6-1/2" Flying Geese blocks + 6-1/2" mini blocks
In my never-ending mission to complete the hundreds of UFOs I have in my projects stash, I found a basket full of these flying geese blocks and underneath it all a bunch of these little 6-1/2" mini blocks from a long-ago swap.  What to do? 

How about put them together and make a bunch of 12-1/2" blocks?  Here's the first one, which went together pretty well.  The only unfortunate thing is the overwhelmingly brownishness of it all.

But then we are only six weeks away from the autumnal equinox, a time when the brown and red color scheme seems appropriate.  I think I will wind up with eight of these . . . one short of a nice lap quilt size.  So now I will be searching through the rest of the stash (could take years) for one more 6-1/2" mini block -- or I will have to make one from scratch. 

Have a happy summer day while it lasts!  xoxo