Sunday, January 15, 2017

I Ching Quilt

An interesting selection of Kaffe Fasset fabrics.
 Right after the election, I decided to make a healing quilt using some of the most upbeat, cheerful fabrics I could find:  Kaffe Fassett.  Then in early December my 19 year old Himalayan kitty crossed the rainbow bridge and the sadness was very, very deep.  Then a few weeks later I had eye surgery and am now dealing with a temporary vision impairment that makes it difficult to sew.  What a perfect time to consult the I Ching!  I decided to make a quilt from the hexagrams and started this morning with a coin toss. 
I Ching book from 1963, another year of political turmoil and the assassination of J. F. Kennedy. 
This book, purchased new in 1963, cost $2.95 (can you believe it?)!  I am using three parking tokens instead of coins for the toss.   So here we go:

#54:  Kwei Mei, Converting the Maiden . . . Action will be evil and in no wise advantageous"
Resulting block
To make this block, I cut 2" strips of the dark fabric and 1-1/2" strips of the lighter fabric.  The broken lines are made with two 5" strips sewed together with a 1-1/2 separator.  The blocks are 10-1/2" wide and 14-1/4" long.

Tomorrow we shall see what the token toss brings! 

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