Thursday, December 18, 2014


Full view but hard to see the fabrics.

Closer look, but you still can't see the fabrics.

A little bit better, but this camera sux!
I finished this UFO at the beginning of December.  Initially I had arranged all the stars on point and the edges were finished with triangles.  However, I wasn't careful enough with the squaring up on the blocks and some of the triangles did not fit properly.  So, I took the whole thing apart and cut additional squares and this went together very quickly.  I hand-stitched these star blocks some years ago and I was surprised to see how small my stitches were.  I was actually quite good at it! 

This quilt actually is more of a peach color than the camera has registered.  Someday I might get a better camera or better lighting, but if you could see it in person it would warm your heart! 

More to come!  xoxo

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