Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ditty Bag 2/23/2013 -- Day One

Ditty Bag of the Day

Today I decided that I would make a ditty bag every day for an indefinite period of time.
Why #1:  Because I love to sew and I have a huge fabric stash and I enjoy combining fabrics that weren’t made to “coordinate.”
Why #2:  Because I have peripheral neuropathy that has eaten away my ability to dance (although I can still walk with difficulty) and is now whittling away at my dexterity.  After it finishes with my hands, it will go for my eyes, but I hope that is several years in the future.  I really love color!
So I want to make as many of these as I can in the time I’ve got!

Each one is made of cotton fabric sewed by me on my home sewing machine.
Each day I choose a base fabric and then add fabrics for the various components.
No two ditty bags are alike and each one has the date on which it was made written somewhere inside.
They can be machine washed and dried.
Each will be listed in my etsy shop:

Today’s Ditty Bag:  02/23/2013
This bag measures 12-1/4" x 14-1/2" and features double drawstrings.  The top fabric is a VIP print circa 1990 – aqua bunnies on a white background.  The bottom fabric is a yellow, green and blue floral that was traded to me sometime in the ‘90s, so I don’t have any information about who made it.  The casings and drawstrings are made of 30’s repro fabrics from the 90s.  This one is very cheerful, reminding me that spring is very, very close!  Bunnies, daisies and tulips will be here soon!

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