Saturday, March 29, 2014

"Under the Gunn" (Shoot Me)

I was a late-comer to the Project Runway phenom, but I've made up for it by watching all the seasons on Lifetime or Netflix.  I've even watched all the Project Runway All Stars seasons.  I was so excited that Tim was going to continue with something similar!  Well, I watch it faithfully, but I will say I am pretty much bored by it at this point. 

The only thing remotely interesting to me is Tim himself.  The judges suck, the contestants are horribly uncreative and mundane, the mentors are unlikeable and distant and the whole thing is just not begging for another season, IMO.  I mean, Shan won last night's challenge by making what I would consider to be a pillow case dress with a long train . . . slapped together in one hour and made of the most horrendous GIANT POLKA DOT fabric I've ever seen.  Oscar doesn't win because his gorgeously crafted piece (which was totally inspiring from the color to the draping) was "too old."  And Asha's dress looked like lettuce in bondage -- UGH.  They are all so awful, I don't care who wins.  Oscar is the only one with a personality; at least he is happy week after week and always has an idea and always chooses the right fabric and makes beautiful things.

I don't dig the LA vibe, either.  Maybe that's why the show isn't edgy enough for me.  I like a little "Fierce"ness; I like the NY streetscapes.  It's busy, it's business; LA is like . . . vacation. 

So, whaddya think? 


  1. I watch "Under the Gunn" because of Tim. I am so angry at how ugly Anya and Mondo were in the episode when Natalia was in the top and Asha and Shan were not. This was the week Michelle was ousted and Anya and Mondo were horrid. I feel so sorry for Nick. He may be a little over-zealous but at least I don't think he is phoney. I could not stand how Asha acted in the Crossing Teams episode on 3/20. She discarded all of Natalia's fabric choices and would accept none of her input. Childish and snarky. I will continue to watch because of Tim but I can hardly wait for the real Project Runway to start again. My friend, you have a lot of seasons of that to watch!!

  2. I agree, I like Oscar too. I think he has a good vision. After your comments, I am anxious to watch the episode you mention. I had to tape it because too many shows I watch are now on, on Thursday night - Grey's Anatomy, Reign - each at 9 PM, Vampire Diaries at 8, Chopped Canada which also has to be taped, and the Vikings at 10.