Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Holy Kay Rap, is it March Already?

Remember this little one, an off-shoot of the Kitty quilt from last month?  Ta Da!  It's all quilted and everything and I just need to sew on the binding.  I love this one, although it is only 15-3/8" square. 

It's sitting on top of a selection of fabrics that I am going to use for a new quilt inspired by the colors of Key West and the Florida Gulf.  It is a simple string quilt and I hope it will be beautiful.  I was forced to supplement my light greens because I just didn't have many of them and those that I did have were blooming with lots of pink roses!  That seemed to be the case with the blues, as well:  bunches of pink flowers.  I don't want this to read pink.  Ninety percent of these were in my stash . . . a lot of Amy Butler and  few Heather Bailey fat eighths.  I'm looking forward to working on this one and will provide status reports every once in a while.

It felt a little like Spring today!  But that reminds me we are only getting closer to the Ides of April. 



  1. I absolutely LOVE this little quilt and if you are going to offer it for sale, please let me know. Good luck on the new one.

  2. I was just over looking at the Etsy shop and reading the patterns. Now THOSE are true sizes. The vanity sizing of today is miles away from what the sizes really are.