Wednesday, January 1, 2014

So much to do

And so little motivation!!  For the past few months I have not had any interest in quilting.  Usually I love to make little quilts from the scraps and leftovers of my sewing projects, but this year it just hasn't captured my interest. 

My friend Nancy forwarded a blog post to me that featured this cute little bear's paw "quilt" and lots of other really cute, small FAST projects -- one a month.  So I decided to follow along (at least this month) and see if that will jump start my quilting habit again.  Otherwise I just do not know what I will do with all my fabric!  (Yeah, right!)

The blog is written by a professional quilt book writer and you can find it here if you are in the same quandry as I.   Of course, all the little projects will be from her books and I am not endorsing any of the stuff that she sells.  I will not be buying anything because I can draft my own patterns and I have a ton of fabric, mercibeaucoup.   She's lovely to let us come along for the ride, though and her blog is full of cute projects!

As 2014 gets off to a start, I am going to be paying more attention to myself and being less judgmental about being lazy or whimsical.  Hope you all have a happy, safe and healthy year!  xxoo

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  1. Very cute. I love the little ones that work up quickly (provided one does not agonize over fabric selection as I do).